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Bye Laws 


Bye Laws are introduced by the Committee to ensure the smooth running of the Club.  They are supplementary and in accordance with the Club’s registered rules.  Any duty Committee member may allow a variation of these rules at his/her discretion.


1.         Permitted Hours

The permitted hours for the sale of intoxicants shall be fixed by the Committee within (and in accordance with) Chapter 17 of the Licensing Act 2003 and in accordance with the Club Premises Certificate as issued by the Local Authority in which the Club premises are situated.  These can be seen displayed in the entrance hall to the Club.


2.         Children

No person under the age of 18 years will be allowed to purchase or consume intoxicating liquor on Club premises.

No person under the age of 18 years will be permitted to play the gaming machines.

Children may be allowed into the Club only when accompanied by their parent or guardian who will be responsible for their good behaviour at all times.  They may not leave the child/children unattended at any time.

Children under the age of 14 years will be allowed in the lounge bar until 8pm subject to parental supervision.

Children must not sit at or adjacent to the bar area in either the hall or lounge bar.


3.         Admission of Non-Members

Guests, visitors, spouses and designated partners may only be admitted in accordance with the Club’s registered rules.  Members shall be responsible for the good behaviour of guests and must remain with them at all times during the period their guest is on Club premises.


4.         Dress

Men are not permitted to wear sleeveless vests or cut down jeans.  No overall or working clothes are permitted in the evening.  Tailored shorts are permitted.  Gentlemen are asked to remove head gear when entering the Club.


5.         Snooker Room Conduct

Children over the age of 14 years are permitted to play snooker only when supervised by a responsible adult member.  No food/snacks are to be consumed in the snooker room.


6.         Pool Table

Abuse of, misuse of or damage to the pool table will not be tolerated.  Drinks, food/snacks are not allowed on or near the pool table.   


7.         Animals

Training and guide dogs are allowed on the Club premises.  All other dogs are allowed in the lounge bar provided they are kept on a lead at all times, well away from the bar area, away from food, not allowed on the furniture and are reasonably clean.


8.         Gaming Machines

Only members and bona fide guests over the age of 18 may play the gaming machines.  Play is limited to 15 minutes per person/syndicate if other members are waiting to play.  Waiting members should notify members of their desire to play.  Machines will be switched off 20 minutes after time has been called.  Any play or credits left in the machine will be forfeited.


9.         Fund Raising

No fund raising for other Armed Forces Charities may take place on Club premises.  The only exception to this is when the hall is let for a private fundraising activity and a hiring fee has been paid.


10.       Food and Drink

Food may only be brought into the Club when the Club caterers are not operating.  No drink may be brought into the Club at any time.  No unauthorised person may enter the kitchen or bar area at any time.  No meals are to be consumed at the bar.


11.       Prams/Wheelchairs

Prams, pushchairs and wheelchairs are permitted on Club premises.  They must not be parked in corridors, doorways or near emergency exits to comply with fire regulations.


12.       Reservations

Seats may not be reserved by members or guests if other members are without seats.


13.       Publicity

No posters or notices are to be displayed on Club premises without the prior approval of the Club Committee.


14.       Noise

Members and their guests must enter and leave the Club in an orderly and quiet manner to avoid disturbance to the local residents.


15.       Smoking

Smoking is not allowed within the club at any time and this includes the use of electronic cigarettes.  Smoking should be away from the front doors and entrance.


16.       Electronic Devices

Devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets are permitted to be used but members must be considerate of others and maintain a reasonable volume or use headphones.


17.       Parking

Parking must be within the designated car parking spaces.  Please refer to the Parking Notices within the car park and the Club regarding eligibility for member/guest parking.


18.  Unruly Behaviour

In the absence of a Committee member the duty bar person has the right to refuse to serve and to ask any member or guest who is behaving badly to leave Club premises.  Such action will then be reported to the Club Secretary within 24 hours of the event.  The Club Secretary will then inform the Club Committee who will decide if disciplinary action is necessary.


19.       Discipline

Any member contravening any of these bye laws may be disciplined by the Club Committee for misconduct under Club Rules.


20.       Suggestions

Any suggestion or grievance must be submitted in writing to the Club Chairman.


21.       Committee Appointments

Any member intending to stand for an Officer position i.e. President, Chairman or Vice-Chairman must have served at least two years continuous service on the Club Committee up to and including the date of nomination.


P Judkins


May 2019

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